Programs Offered

Sr. No. Program
1 B.Sc. (Honours) Anthropology And Tribal Development
2 B.A. (Honours) Anthropology And Tribal Development
3 B. Sc. (Honours) Biotechnology
4 B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering
5 B. Tech. Information Technology
6 B. Tech. Industrial And Production Engineering
7 B. Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering
8 B. Tech. Computer Science And Engineering
9 B. Tech. Civil Engineering
10 B. Tech. Chemical Engineering
11 B. Sc. (Honours) Physics
12 B. Ed. Spl. Ed. (L.D.)
13 B. Ed. Spl. Ed. (H.I.)
14 B. Pharm. (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
15 B. P. Ed.
16 B. Lib. I. Sc.
17 B. Ed.
18 B. Sc. (Forestry)
19 B. S.W.
20 B. Com. L.L.B.
21 B. A. L.L.B.
22 B. Sc. (Honours) Forensic Science
23 B. Sc. (Honours) Zoology
24 B. Sc. (Honours) Rural Technology And Social Development
25 B. A. (Honours) Political Science
26 B. Sc. (Honours) Mathematics
27 B.A. (Honours) Journalism and Mass Communication
28 B.A. (Honours) History
29 B.A. (Honours) Hindi
30 B.A. (Honours) English
31 B. Sc. (Honours) Electronics
32 B.A. (Honours) Economics
33 B. Sc. (Honours) Computer Science
34 B. Com. (Honours)
35 B. Sc. (Honours) Chemistry
36 B. Sc. (Honours) Botany
37 B. C. A.
38 L. L. M.
39 M. Sc. (Microbiology)
40 M. S. W.
41 M. Sc. Physics
42 M. Sc. Electronics
43 M. Sc. Mathematics
44 M. Sc. Zoology
45 M. Sc. Botany
46 M. Sc. Chemistry
47 M. Sc. Biotechnology
48 M. Sc. Computer Science
49 M. C. A.
50 M. Sc. Rural Technology And Social Development
51 M. Sc. Forestry
52 M. Sc. Anthropology And Tribal Development
53 M. A. History
54 M. A. Economics
55 M. A. Hindi
56 M. A. English
57 M. A. Journalism and Mass Communication
58 M. Lib. I. Sc.
59 M. A. Political Science
60 M. Sc. Forensic Science
61 M. Com.
62 M. Tech. Chemical Engineering
63 M. Tech. Civil Engineering
64 M. Tech. Computer Science And Engineering
65 M. Tech. Electronics And Communication Engineering
66 M. Tech. Industrial And Production Engineering
67 M. Tech. Information Technology
68 M. Tech. Mechanical Engineering
69 M. A. Anthropology And Tribal Development
70 M. B. A.
71 M. Ed.
72 M. P. Ed.
73 Ph.D. in History
74 Ph.D. in Law
75 Ph.D. in Information Technology
76 Ph.D. in Economics
77 Ph.D. in Political Science
78 Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering
79 Ph.D. in Hindi
80 Ph.D. in Journalism And Mass in Communication
81 Ph.D. in English
82 Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical in Sciences
83 Ph.D. in Computer Science
84 Ph.D. in Commerce
85 Ph.D. in Anthropology And in Information Technology
86 Ph.D. in Computer Science And in Engineering
87 Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering
88 Ph.D. in Civil Engineering
89 Ph.D. in Industrial And in Production Engineering
90 Ph.D. in Electronics And Communication in Engineering
91 Ph.D. in Management Studies
92 Ph.D. in Rural Technology And in Social Development
93 Ph.D. in Forestry
94 Ph.D. in Mathematics
95 Ph.D. in Zoology
96 Ph.D. in Botany
97 Ph.D. in Biotechnology
98 Ph.D. in Forensic Science
99 Ph.D. in Electronics
100 Ph.D. in Physical Education
101 Ph.D. in Physics
102 Ph.D. in Chemistry
103 Ph.D. in Education
104 Ph.D. in Social Work
105 Ph.D. in Library And in Information Science
106 P. G. Diploma in Computational Linguistics
107 Diploma in French
108 Diploma in German
109 Diploma in Pharmacy
110 Certificate Course in Computational Linguistics (CCCL)
111 M. Pharm. (Pharmacology)
112 M. Pharm. (Pharmaceutics)
113 M. Pharm. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
114 M. Pharm. (Pharmacognosy)