The Department of Hindi was established in the year 1987. Since its inception, there has been a tradition of poetry seminars, and literary discussions for the development and dissemination of Hindi along with teaching-learning in the department. A series of multi-faceted educational activities like literary talks along with workshops, and theatrical presentations are being organized for the last decade. The aim of study and teaching is to develop the ability of the students to examine the folk and cultured literature from a modern point of view, to determine their place in the era of globalization and to establish the interrelationship between the world and the world. The aim of the Hindi Department is to conduct such research work which can give valuable direction to society. The Department of Hindi connects the students not only in the creative field of literature but also in teaching work, voluntary organizations, press and theatre. Its important achievement is the publication of the quarterly magazine 'Swanim' to promote Hindi literature.

Vision of Department

Creating a tendency of literary intervention in the society by doing a comparative study of Hindi and other Indian languages and global literature

Mission of Department

• Study of possibilities of Hindi literature and Hindi language in the perspective of literature being written in other Indian languages and world literature. • Reading and re-reading of Hindi literature in the context of social change. • Critical study of time and society through literature. • Hindi and Hindi market in the market.

Achievements of Department

• Regular conduct of literary talks • Publication of "Swanim" magazine • Publication of research paper by departmental teachers and writing and publication and statement on all other issues