The Department of Chemistry was established in 2009 as a new Science Department with an objective of providing quality education in the conventional areas of Science and growing into a center for teaching and research with an aim to acquire prominent position in the academic map of India. The Department offers both UG and PG level advanced courses in Chemical Sciences along with an integrated 5 years Master programme with exit option after completing 3 years B. Sc. (Hon's). The Department is also offering a Ph. D. programme in different areas in Chemistry. There are four major specializations offered in M. Sc. such as Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. The students are monitored and evaluated by regular class tests, seminars, assignments, mid and end-semester examinations. The Department already has nine regular faculties [Professor (01) Associate Professor (02) and Assistant Professor (06)].The department has two laboratories possessing necessary chemicals, reagents, glassware, lab wares and basic instruments for performing experiments in physical, inorganic, organic and analytical chemistry, in general and synthesis, analysis (qualitative and quantitative) and characterization of different inorganic and organic compounds in more particulars.The departmental has its own library in addition to central library of the University. Sufficient number of books is available in departmental library to fulfill the requirement of the faculty members and students. A number of reference books and access to online journals are also available in the Central Library.Over the period, the Department has been nurtured under the able guidance of Prof J S Dangi and Prof G K Patra. The soul of the department is their teachers headed by Dr Charu Arora. The faculty members are specialized in frontier areas of Chemical Sciences and have excellent expertise in their own filed. The faculty members of the department have significantly contributed to scientific world through scientific and research publications and have received many distinguished national and international awards and fellowships such as JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships, ORISE, USA Postdoctoral fellowship, NSC, Taiwan postdoctoral fellowship, BK21 and KOSEF postdoctoral fellowship, South Korea. Department has got several research projects from funding agencies DST, UGC etc. during past eight years. Department has produced good number of publications in reputed national and international journals. Faculty members of the department are on the editorial boards of some journals and are referees for both national and international journals. Recognizing the research outcome, the Department has received special financial assistance under DST-FIST. This has helped the Department in establishing a number of modern, sophisticated instruments. Department has organized National Seminar on "Recent Trends in Chemical Research: Challenges Ahead" during 2012, Lecture Workshop during 2015 and 96th DAE BRNS-IANCAS NATIONAL WORKSHOP on Radiochemistry and Applications of Radioisotopes during 2017. We are proud that our collective enthusiasm is continuously generating a good number of bright students.

Vision of Dept

The Chemistry Department prepares students for a diverse and changing world. We strive to contribute to a chemically literate society through teaching (with classrooms, labs, and research), scholarship, and service.

Mission of Dept

1. To create and maintain the programs of excellence in the areas of research, education and public outreach. 2. To promote, inspire and nurture the fundamentals of chemistry through UG and PG courses offered for the basic sciences, applied sciences(engineering) students. 3. To offer research projects with high emphasis on concept-theory-practical training to build up research interest for the transformation of budding chemists into productive scientists, excellent teachers, entrepreneurs and innovative independent researchers. 4. Our specific goal is to become a nationally recognised centre of chemical sciences for modern education with a state of art centralised research facility.

Achievments of Dept

Recently, the Department completed the 1st Phase of Level I DST-FIST and was rated 'Very Good' by the DST, Govt. of India. One of the faculty members published an article in the ACS Journal of Impact Factor 72. Stanford University, California recognized Dr. Subhash Banerjee as the World's top 2 percentile scientist. Dr. Asish Kumar Singh received the best paper award. Dr. Manorama received the best paper award. Dr. Bijaneswar Mandal received the best thesis award (Prof. S. Sundarranjan Award Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore).