Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya

Dr. Arun Pratap

Assistant Professor (Adhoc)

Work Experience

5 Years

Area of Specialization

Print and Electronic Media

Projects & Patents



Ph.D. Degree Awarded in Mass Communication



Pratap, Arun, -- Dangwal, A.R.; Media and Human Rights Violation by Police: Issues and Challenges in Review of Research Journal Maharastra, July 2015.  Pratap, Arun -- Dangwal, A.R.; Freedom of Expression & Sovereignty and Security of Nation (State) (Special Reference of Issues Related to Jawaharlal Lal Nehru University Delhi)” in IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science (IOSR-JHSS) e-Journal, Ghaziabad, January 2018.  Dangwal, A.R.—Pratap, Arun; A study of Print Media Coverage related to government agencies: Official/officers viewpoint (With Special Reference to Lucknow District) in Media Mimmansa Journalism Journal e-Journal Bhopal October-December 2018.  Pratap, Arun; A Study of Print Media Coverage’s Public Opinion related to Human Rights Violation by Police in Vivekananda Journal of Research, New Delhi Jul-Dec 2019.  Pratap, Arun, Prof. Dangwal, A.R., Public view-point regarding Print Media coverage of Human rights Violation in Shodh International Journal Research Centre SDM College, Ujire, Karnataka, UGC listed.  Pratap, Arun, Prof. Dangwal, A.R., A Study of Print Media Coverage related to Human Rights Violation Issues: A Content Analysis of Lucknow District Newspapers in Pragyaan Journal of Mass Communication, IMS Unison University, Dehradoon June 2021.